KAOS Weekender Bag
KAOS Weekender Bag
KAOS Weekender Bag

KAOS Weekender Bag (Ships end of June)



KAOS Weekender bag is inspired by old army bags; they’ve simply pimped it up a bit; KAOS Weekender bag is made from robust canvas, quality leather and brass hardware with matt finish. It carries as a backpack, to keep your hands free. Or you can carry it sideways using the neat leather handle.

KAOS Weekender bag is developed to travel with you and your little army, and as always we’ve focused on smart functionality. KAOS Weekender bag is highly flexible – You can choose to pack in either one large compartment, two medium sized compartments or two small + one medium sized compartment. Suit your needs! You’re welcome.

KAOS Weekender bag comes in green canvas with nude leather and our custom hardware – this time in brass, matt finish.

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